Magnetic Pump CX 45w-250w

Magnetic Pump CX 45w-250w

· Product Specification: (50Hz)
· Pumping power: 45w-250w
· Full flow:45-110 L/min
· Full lift: 3.5-10 M
· Main Material: FRPP, PVDF
· Suitable temperature: 0 ~ 75 C (FRPP), 0 ~ 90 C (PVDF)


Zero escape: Unlike the conventional centrifugal pump, the seal-less design on the magnetic drive pump has a corrosion-resistant rear casing that separates the drive magnet and the magnet capsule .This may avoid liquid leakage, pollution or corrosion problems.

Corrosion resisting : The pump body is made of raw material from Europe, stronger corrosion-resistant .You can choose CFRPP or PVDF depending on what kind of chemical liquild you send . The pump spindle can be made from ceramic and SIC. The ceramic spindle is generally applied for low corrosion .The SIC spindle is excellent for high corrosion liquid.

Maximum Durability: The geometry of impeller and casing are fine tuned by professional hydraulic program to reduce hydraulic loss and increase pump efficiency. Employs extra poweful permanent NdFeB magnet that be outstanding performance and coupling capability .

Easy to Assemble : The parts are standard , easy to assembling ,checking ,maintaining, more convenient and saving more time .

The plastic base is lighter and more corrosion-resistant .